Kakarakaya Pachadi / Bitter Guard Pickle

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Why eat Bitter Gourd?

Bitter gourd has been a not so favourite dish to many. Besides its taste, this gourd actually has so many health benefits. Some do not like its sharp flavour and some do not like to eat it based on its distinct appearance. Whatever may be the reason bitter gourd does have many benefits.

Bitter gourd is rich in vitamin C, a micronutrient involved in disease prevention, bone formation, and wound healing. It is a good source of gallic acid, chlorogenic acid, catechin and epicatechin which are powerful antioxidant compounds that help protect our cells against damage.

Bitter gourd is also rich in vitamin A which is a fat-soluble vitamin that promotes skin health and also proper vision. It provides folate, which is vital for growth and development. It is low in calories and high in fibre as well as smaller amounts of potassium, zinc, and iron.

Some of its health benefits include:

Helps reduce blood sugar levels: Bitter gourd has long been used to treat diabetes-related conditions.
Decrease cholesterol levels: Several studies have found that bitter gourd may decrease cholesterol that could help support heart health.
May aid weight loss: Bitter gourd is an excellent source of fibre. Since fibre passes through the digestive tract slowly, this will help you stay fuller for long in turn reducing hunger and much more.

Why consume bitter gourd in a pickled form?

Pickles are fermented foods that have many health benefits. Fermented pickles act like probiotics that help protect our body’s microbiome as it supports the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

Probiotics help improve digestion and also prevent minor stomach issues and prevent yeast infections, diarrhoea, muscle cramps, constipation and other chronic illnesses as well.

pickles contain antioxidants that are capable of preventing the effects of free radicals. Free radicals cause a wide variety of health conditions including cancer, inflammation, heart disease, and several other chronic diseases.

So, when we make achar out of karela, it only adds benefits to an already beneficial bitter gourd. Our kakarakaya pachadi will surely make your meals extra delicious with its distinct taste.

How to store our kakarakaya pickle?

·It is ideal to store our bitter gourd pickle in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf life.

· Use a fresh dry spoon each time you scoop out the bitter gourd pickle from the jar. Avoid using damp or moist utensils which will spoil karele ka achar, making it harmful to consume.

· Rather, scoop out the required quantity of bitter gourd pickle into a smaller bowl and use it. Refill the bowl once it is empty. This way it is easy to prolong the shelf life of kakarakaya pachadi.

How do we make Bitter gourd pickle?

Know that all of the ingredients we have used in preparing this pickle are as per the measurements

Ingredients we have used in preparing kakarakaya pachadi:

  • Freshly cut bitter gourd pieces
  • Salt (as required)
  • Oil
  • Turmeric powder
  • Masala powder (Consisting of several spices)
  • curry leaves
  • Asafoetida (Hing)
  • garlic cloves
  • Chilli powder


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