Sharada Foods is an e-store run by a mom of two who loves to cook and try new recipes by expanding her horizons. Being a food connoisseur herself, an idea has taken birth to market some of the many food items that she does the best. we at Sharada foods specialize in pickles and other Telangana food products.  

Pickles or achars are undoubtedly an Indian household staple. Something that is sitting on our kitchen shelves ready to be relished. From north to east and south to west, you will find a different variety of achars in our Indian subcontinent. It is safe to say that achars or pickles or pachadi are the core of our food culture. Like any fermented food, pickle processing follows the universal way of preserving food.

Pickles are something that has been passed down by the grandmothers and mothers to their younger generations. Since we all are living mechanical lives with not enough time to make pickles or most of the food items that require time and precision while preparing them. We are here to provide all the pickles that you may have tasted sometime in your lives, who knows our food products may even bring back forgotten memories!! 

All our products are completely made with freshly sourced ingredients from the local farmers market. All the products are prepared in a hygienic environment as quality is our utmost priority. We do not compromise on the quality of our food products. Taste it once and you are sure to come back once the jar is finished.